GEMINI Garage Door Motor

  • 24 Volt DC motor
  • 24 Volt Battery Back-up System (+/- 24hrs backup)
  • User friendly System
  • Non-Exposed chain driven system
  • Manual adjustable limits
  • Manual adjustable sensitivity
  • Smooth & quiet operation
  • Door automatically reverses when it encounters an obstacle
  • Light to illuminate garage interior
  • Convenient manual override in the event of a power failure
  • Engage manual release mechanism in any position on the extrusion
  • Code hoping remotes
  • External Receivers can be added
  • Wireless Wall Console provides means of local control, includes:
  • Electronic locking facility
  • Light toggle – “On and Off”
  • Open & close operation
  • Strong and durable design for timber doors
  • Locally produced
  • Parts easily accessible
  • The design of this system was driven by the safety requirements of the Norme Internationale CEI 60335.
  • It will meet your requirements regarding ease of operation, safety and trouble free service
  • Includes two Stylish 2 three button remotes, perfect for multi-car families which can fit onto any key ring and can be carried around where ever you go, in your vehicle or even in and around the house. Rolling Code technology for transmitting signals to the motor has been used, to ensure the safety of your home.
  • Rolling Code technology assures a new code is sent every time the remote control is used.
  • Included in the system, is a handy wall console, which is fixed to the wall near your side entrance. From here you can easily observe the operation of the garage door and if need be, stop the opening or closing of the door immediately if a problem or passing through traffic such as children or pets has been observed.
  • The opener lights turn on automatically when the doors are operated from the wall console or the remote control.
  • With the many unexpected power failures in South Africa the Battery Backup will ensure you can get your vehicle out of the garage when needed, especially in emergencies. The battery Back-up system will allow you to use your garage door for approximately 24 hours, by this time your electricity should be back on.

Includes power head, shaft, two remotes, wall console, hardware & Installation Instructions


TX 3 Code Hopping Remote

TX 3 Code Hopping Remote

Three Channel Code Hopping Remote used in conjunction with the code hopping receiver and on-board receiver for all new PC boards.

Wireless Wall Console

Wireless Wall Console

Can be used to activate the garage door motor, switch on the light or to completely lock out all programmed remotes until deactivated.

GEMINI Extrusion Options for Garage Door Motor

GEMINI Garage Door motor can be used on sectional or roll up type garage doors. Various pre made or custom made sectional extrusion lengths are available. Roll up door stabilizer kits are available in single or double door options.

Type of Garage Door

Standard 5 Panel 2.1m Door

6 Panel 2.4m Door

Extra Large Doors (6+ Panels)

Roll-Up Door Opening of 2.1m

Overall Length





Extrusion Length





GEMINI Extrusion Type

GEMINI Extrusion Sectional

GEMINI Extrusion – Sectional Caravan

GEMINI Extrusion Long

GEMINI Extrusion Roll-Up (Needs Stabilizer)


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